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rappelling calluses

How to Take Care of Your Hand Calluses

It's not the most glamorous thing in the world, that's for sure, but like it or not, calluses will form on your hands as...
Simul Rappelling

Simul Rappelling Is a Useful yet Risky Technique

Today I want to talk about a dangerous and risky rappelling technique that has claimed the lives of many climbers over the years. Simul...
Skin care for climbers

Skin Care for Climbers: How to Take Care of Your Hands

Climbing skincare is a complex subject that needs to be approached from many different angles, especially if we're talking about hand care. Climbers need...
how to clean climbing shoes

How to Clean Climbing Shoes and Remove Odor

Cleaning climbing shoes is not a particularly pleasant or exciting task. The good news is that the cleaning process doesn't need to be too...
bank line cordage

Bank Line – Main Uses and How to Find the Best One (Full Guide)

When it comes to twine and cordage, there are so many products out there that it's quite hard to keep track of them all....
break in climbing shoes

How to Break in Climbing Shoes (Every Known Method)

It takes a bit of practice and patience to break in climbing shoes, but that doesn't mean that the experience needs to be painful...
warmest socks

The Warmest Socks You Can Put on Your Feet This Year

You might think that socks are not exactly the most important apparel piece or even a mandatory piece of your outdoor gear collection, but...
ape index

What Is the Ape Index and How Do You Measure It?

Today I wanted to focus on a specific example of climbing slang: the Ape Index. Not only is this term incredibly popular but understanding...
Best Prusik Cord

Finding the Best Prusik Cord & Pre-Sewn Alternatives

I wanted to talk a bit about the Prusik Cord because I know that some of you out there are probably a bit confused...
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Word of Advice

The instructional information provided by Rappelinfo.com is intended to help you on your rappelling and climbing journey. However, the content on Rappelinfo.com should not replace an actual real-life coaching session with a professional instructor. It is your own responsibility to seek proper training from experienced climbing and rappelling instructors. Also, you should always respect and enforce adequate safety procedures before rappelling and climbing.